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Car Accidents

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Car Accidents

If you have been injured in a car accident you are probably already suffering. At Horlacher Necci we take it from the moment you sign on with us.


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Not only do injuries occur at the time of an accident, but also in the coming weeks. Our trained staff review medical records to ensure that when your case is presented, each and every factor causing you pain is presented in the evidence.

Statute of Limitations: 

At Horlacher Necci we serve Southeastern Wisconsin and Middle Tennessee. Each state has differences in the law one of the biggest is the statute of limitations in tort matters.


For the most part, an accident victim has one year from the date of the accident to bring suit in Tennessee or their claim may be lost forever. Therefore, in Tennessee it is imperative that evidence is collected early and opportunities for settlement are explored early. It is even more important to have attorneys prepared to take your case to court as the time frame is so short.


Wisconsin has a three year statute of limitations which p[resents different challenges. The first of which is attempts to stall our case by the insurance companies hoping that time will heal all wounds. Fact check: it does not. At Horlacher Necci we will present your case fully, but also as expediently as possible to ensure that you can make educated decisions about the direction of your case at the earliest possible opportunity.

Liability and Value: 

Insurance companies would prefer to pay you nothing at all for your injuries. They will seek anyway they can to avoid accepting liability. Once they do accept liability, they often dangle a settlement far below fair value knowing that you may not be thinking clearly or that you may be in dire straits. At Horlacher Necci we present your case fully and completely so that no only will the insurance company know the full value of your case, but also the full weight of the evidence we intend to bring to bear at trial.


Even in the face of weighty evidence, insurance carriers will still avoid paying a fair settlement. That is where the experience of Horlacher Necci is truly on your side. As former prosecutors, Mr. Horlacher and Mr. Necci have fought and won in court for the people of their communities. Insurance companies know and fear this fact, and if they don’t, Horlacher Necci is ready to fight for you.