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Frequently Asked Questions

My health insurance is covering all of my bills after my accident, why should I hire a lawyer?

You’ve been in an accident. You’ve been injured. It hurts. You can’t sleep, you have been to several doctors, you have spent countless hours in physical therapy or some other form of treatment, and no matter how well you return, your body may never be the same because of this accident. This is time and pain that you did not ask for and are not responsible for. You put in the time and suffering, shouldn’t you be compensated for your loss? The law says that you should and we would like to help. At Horlacher Necci the client’s wishes are always our marching orders. Our job is to counsel on possible outcomes based on our experience, but you, the client, are always in control of how your case progresses so long as you are a client of Horlacher Necci.

Dan Necci