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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I hire a lawyer if I was injured in an accident?

Let me put it this way, I’m an injury attorney and I would get a lawyer if injured in a car accident. Any injury may be entitled to damages in the form of medical bills, damages for your time, pain and suffering, and any wages we can demonstrate were lost due to the accident.

To put it simply, insurance companies treat unrepresented people very differently. They do this because if you don’t like their offer of settlement, there is nothing you can do about it. Represented parties, like those folks from Tennessee and Wisconsin who engage Horlacher Necci, have the benefit of knowing that their representation can file suit on their behalf costing the insurance company great sums of money just defending the suit. Add that on top of the money they owe you for your injuries and they have made a terrible business decision. Call the injury attorneys at Horlacher Necci today for skillful and experienced representation.   

Dan Necci