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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I avoid right after an accident?

Do not speak to the other party’s insurance company about the facts of the accident or your medical treatment and diagnosis. As a rule of thumb, the more interested an insurance company is in you right after an accident the more nervous they are about their level of liability. 

Do not wait too long to seek follow up medical attention. This is no time to be John Wayne. If it hurts, go to the doctor, if it still hurts go back to the doctor. Following an accident, you are walking talking evidence. However, the only way to translate that evidence into a language that insurance companies and juries speak is to go to the doctor and follow their treatment plan to the letter and all the way through to conclusion. That way your attorney can present the full evidentiary picture to the insurance company or to a jury in a civil lawsuit and expect full compensation. 

Do not give a recorded statement without an attorney. Insurance companies are just dying to find ways to avoid coverage or to limit coverage below a fair result. The Wisconsin and Tennessee personal injury lawyers at Horlacher Necci will be at your side during any discussions of the facts of the case and only when it is in your best interest. 

Do not wait too long to speak with experienced, dedicated personal injury attorneys like those at Horlacher Necci. The statute of limitations begins running the minute the accident occurred and the legal process is slow. There may be other deadlines depending on the particular facts of your case. I any case you want your rights protected from day one. 

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