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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to file a lawsuit after my car accident?

Of course, everyone would love to get a fast, fair settlement for their injuries following an auto accident. This is not always the case and why you should engage the services of experienced, dedicated personal injury attorneys like those at Horlacher Necci. What is most important prior to a lawsuit is a complete presentation of the evidence and a zealous advocate pursuing that fair settlement. However, if settlement cannot be reached, then you’re going to need lawyers with the courtroom experience to pursue a civil lawsuit after your car accident. Mr. Horlacher and Mr. Necci are former criminal prosecutors who spent nearly every day in court litigating cases on behalf of the people of their communities. They have the experience to litigate your case and win.    

What kind of payout or settlement amount can I expect from a semi-truck/18-wheeler accident, motorcycle accident or wrongful death lawsuit?

Motorcycle accidents, semi-truck/18-wheeler accidents and wrongful death cases are more complex. They require greater skill in evidence collection, issue spotting, knowledge of evidence presentation, skill and experience dealing with insurers, and experience acquiring and presenting expert testimony. While there is no set value for any of these types of cases, the damages begin with medical expenses and potentially go on to include pain and suffering, future damages, lost wages both now and in the future, and loss of consortium. 

The Wisconsin and Tennessee accident attorneys at Horlacher Necci have the experience with these kinds of complex cases to present the evidence in the light most favorable to you whether its to an insurer or to a jury. As former prosecutors they are skilled in meeting the highest burdens of proof in our criminal justice system.  

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